Enjoying the great outdoors, minus the mosquitoes...

 Most people do not take in to account the amount of time they spend outside in their yards.  For instance, you might enjoy going outside to barbecue with friends, relaxing by the pool with your family, or working in the garden.
Imagine not being chased inside by summers #1 foe, the mosquito, it could enhance the time you spend outside your home.  Here at Guardian Mosquito and Tick Control, our team consists of certified technicians, experienced and skilled to target the life cycle of mosquitoes and ticks.  In addition, we monitor weather patterns and create a personalized service for your property.  As a result, you can get to enjoy your yard again.

Assess Your Risk

If you answer yes to two or more questions below you have an increased risk of mosquito and/or tick activity.

Are you a homeowner?

Would you prefer to spend time outdoors?

Do you have children?

Have you owned or cared for someone's pet?

Does your home have a pool or spa?

Is there a stream or pond nearby?

Do you have a patio or deck?

Is your home covered with trees and vegetation? 

Therefore, Guardian Mosquito and Tick Control is here to guard your yard.  Contact us today to get your free quote.  After that, you can enjoy the outdoors again.


bucketless spray

Richard Guyer 2019

"They do a great job protecting your lawn from ticks their spray also eliminates other insects. Small investment to protect family from tick bites. I would recommend this company."

Danielle Martin 2019

"We use Guardian, and we enjoy sitting in our yard mosquito free!"