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Seasonal Mosquito Control
Seasonal Mosquito Control
Seasonal Tick Control
Seasonal Tick Control
Outdoor Event Pest Control
Outdoor Event Pest Control

Reclaim Your Backyard

Are mosquitoes and ticks ruining your backyard and outdoor fun with annoying buzzing and biting? We feel your pain! Everyone should have access to a pest-free space to enjoy with their family which is why we offer services to keep your yard free of mosquitoes and ticks.

Using our organic hybrid blend, we will spray your yard (every couple of weeks), killing mosquitoes and ticks and creating a protective barrier. While this barrier is unseen, it shields your yard from these pests.

The specialized spray we use is kid and pet friendly; you and your pets only need to wait 20 minutes for it to dry, and then you can get back to being outside!

Stop ‘putting up with’ these pests (and the frustration and worry they cause) and start enjoying the outdoors with the comfort of knowing your yard is protected.

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Why might you need relief from Ticks or Mosquitoes?

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You live somewhere with a yard or green space.
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You often spend time outdoors.
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You have kids who play outside.
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You have pets.
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You have an outdoor pool or spa.
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You live near a stream, pond or creek.
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You spend time on a patio or deck.
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Your property is covered with trees and vegetation.

If this describes your situation, you can finally spend time outside without the annoyance and worry of illness spread by ticks and mosquitoes with help from Guardian.


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